★All-you-can-eat & All-you-can-drink plan. free refills.

In this shop ,we are doing the ‘All-you-can-eat plan’ & ‘All-you-can-drink plan’.

You can order anything you like from the menu of each.

You can eat as much as you want.

★Type of course

① All-you-can-eat and drink for 3,500 yen

② All-you-can-eat and drink for 4,500 yen

③ All-you-can-eat and drink for 5,500 yen

Our restaurant policy is that leftover food can be charged,one person 500 yen.

So we certainly encourage you to avoid over ordering and wasting food.

We made a photographic inventory of the All you can eat and drink plan.

¥3500 plan  

¥4500 plan  

¥5500 plan  

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※This product is subject to consumption tax.